Membership Fees

Letterkenny Golf Club offers a full range of memebership options to suit every golfer, with excellent value rates to suit members both near and far, looking to take advantage of our championship course, all year round. Letterkenny is even better value as there are also no joining fees - the membership fee quoted is the full cost.

We cater for individuals, familes, those close by as well as those not so close by, as well as offering affordable payment options to encourage people to keep or indeed beging playing.

The following categories of membership are available:

  • Full Member Male & Female Full playing and member privilege all year round.

  • Full Member (outside 80 miles) Offered at a reduced rate, this is full membership but with recognition of the perhaps reduced frequency of play given the journey. Excellent value for those perhaps holidaying regularly to play golf in the area, not a member elsewhere.

  • Country Member (outside 10 miles) Membership at a reduced fee for those who hold membership elsewhere.

  • Country Member (outside 50 miles) Membership at a reduced fee for those who hold membership elsewhere.

  • Beginner (2year) LGC is making it easier to get playing by offering those without previous membership, the opportunity to play in their first year and second year at a reduced rate.

  • Students and Juveniles can avail of the excellent discount on offer, as well as the pavillion membership which allows non-playing members to use the catering facilities.

Membership Category
Senior Family
Country (10 miles distant from club)

Ordinary (80 miles distant from club) €325
Country (50 miles distant from club) €175
Beginner ( 1st Year) €300
Beginner ( 2nd Year) €400
Beginner (3rd year) €500

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There is no joining fee.

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